Electric Mobility

Electric mobility

Batteries are essential to the decarbonization of transport and play a major role in the development of electric mobility. However, the ecological impact and economic viability of this electric model depend on how reliable and sustainable these batteries are.

PowerUp assists integrators and operators of electric vehicle fleets with solutions enabling a more sustainable and profitable management of their vehicle’s batteries. Collect and process battery operation data, maximize its performance and predict future required maintenance.


Predictive safety algorithms to prevent critical battery issues such as thermal runaway.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Battery capacity and degradation monitoring through accurate SOH & SOC indicators.


Battery degradation monitoring and second-life value maximization.


Electric vehicles, buses and trucks or maritime transport: these are all applications whose development should be supported by optimal and reliable monitoring of the batteries that power them.

PowerUp accompanies the key players in this value chain, to take up together existing and future challenges associated with the sustainable development of electric mobility.

Electric Buses & Trucks

Electric vehicules

Forklifts & Special Engines


Our Solution

Powered by MAP® technology, our solutions have been designed to provide valuable insights to any type of battery powered system.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Battery Insight®

Our battery analytics cloud platform processes and generates key actionable insights from your battery data.

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