Master and operate your batteries sustainably

Batteries are a cornerstone of the energy transition. PowerUp’s  battery analytics solutions contribute to the advent of cleaner energy by ensuring a reliable, safe, and sustainable use of batteries.




Years of research

PowerUp uses an innovative battery diagnosis method, based on the deep understanding of battery ageing mechanisms and resulting from more than 15 years of research at CEA-Liten.



More than 10 patents covering diagnosis and prediction methodologies for battery’s State-of-Health and State-of-Safety.

Ageing models

Our battery ageing models cover all Li-ion chemistries. Enriched by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods, they provide unique insights to ensure a predictive management of your batteries.


Advanced Battery Analytics

PowerUp advanced battery analytics software generates value from your Lithium-ion batteries, regardless their chemistry or manufacturer. Ensure an optimized and safe usage of your batteries by processing and interpreting its operational data.

MAP Technology


Our advanced battery analytics solutions have been designed to provide valuable insights to any type of battery powered system such as:

  • Energy storage
  • Electric mobility
  • Backup systems

Our battery experts are available to address any specific issues or uses cases that you may have.

Energy Storage

We provide Energy Storage integrators & operators with relevant solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of battery installations, whatever its capacity or use case.

Electric Mobility

We help fleet operators process battery usage data to ensure optimal management and bolster predictive maintenance of their electric vehicles.

Backup Systems

We work with critical infrastructure operators towards an improved service continuity of their electric backup systems.

Our commitment
to cleaner energy

In the era of energy transition, batteries are widely used to power our electronic devices, electric vehicles, or energy storage systems. From material extraction to recycling, batteries now pose a major economic and ecological challenge.

By implementing our disruptive battery analytics technology, it helps maximize batteries lifetime, avoid critical safety issues, and enables second life applications.

We contribute to a more sustainable use of batteries.

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