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From battery data to battery insights

Battery Insight® is a cloud-based solution for analyzing and monitoring battery safety and performance. It processes your batteries’ operational data and delivers crucial, actionable insights to help you use your batteries more safely, reliably, and sustainably.

Cloud Platform


SOS alerting system

The battery diagnosis methodologies developed by our innovation and research team give you the necessary tools to ensure the safety of your battery systems. Battery Insight® implements a smart alerting system dedicated to your batteries State-of-Safety (SoS).

State-of-Safety (SoS) indicators can be monitored from module to pack or rack level. It consists in a smart alerting system detecting all forms of battery hazards up to 12 months before the incident occurs:

  • Overuse conditions such as over-temperature, over-voltage & under-voltage, over-current
  • Cell-imbalance
  • Lithium plating generation

An alarm log on the monitoring dashboard notifies safety issues, giving its root cause and level of criticality. Fully configurable, the alerting tool sends messages to the person responsible for operating the endangered system.

  • Prevent thermal runaways and other irreversible damages


SOH & SOC diagnosis

The management and monitoring of battery systems is based on the generation of reliable battery degradation and battery capacity indicators. Through its battery diagnosis algorithms, Battery Insight® gives you access to steady State-of-health (SOH) and State-of-Charge (SOC) indicators with an unrivaled accuracy.

These indicators are generated in real use without service interruption, ensuring an optimum battery performance:


RUL & Battery usage profile

Our battery analytics solutions further provide a battery degradation prediction & simulation tool. The Remaining Useful Lifetime (RUL) indicator considers the effective use of your battery system over time to predict its remaining lifetime.

Such battery monitoring capability can also be leveraged for building a detailed battery usage profile.

  • Ensure predictive maintenance
  • Extend battery usage
  • Optimize your battery sizing
  • Manage & optimize your insurance and warranties

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