Backup systems

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The advent of smart cities and connected systems underlines more than ever the importance of batteries in making energy available anywhere and at any time. This is especially true when batteries are used as backup power sources for critical systems and infrastructures.

PowerUp marks the end of the “black box battery” syndrome: our technology helps you read your battery like an open book and understand what truly happens inside. This makes for optimized management and reliable monitoring of batteries’ health and safety.


Predictive safety algorithms to prevent critical battery issues such as thermal runaway.


Ensure battery availability and performance.


Battery degradation monitoring and second-life value maximization.


In case of power supply interruption, backup batteries power various critical applications in our daily lives: ensuring the distribution of electricity, security, and efficiency of buildings, as well as continuous operation of critical infrastructures.

PowerUp solutions ensure the service continuity of battery back-up systems by delivering key performance and safety indicators.

Distribution System & Smart Grid

Control & Access & Smart Building

Datacenters & Telecom

Transport Infrastructure & Industry


Our solutions

Powered by MAP® technology, our solutions have been designed to provide valuable insights to any type of battery powered system.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Battery Insight®

Our battery analytics cloud platform processes and generates key actionable insights from your battery data.

Embedded software

Skipper® LIB

Designed for OEMs, the Skipper® LIB data library upgrades your power devices with PowerUp advanced battery algorithms.

Smart Management Device

Smart management device


The Skipper® plug-and-play device enables optimized management and monitoring of your 12V monobloc batteries health and performance.

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