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Skipper® LIB

Advanced battery analytics embedded in your oem systems

Designed for OEMs, the Skipper® LIB data library upgrades your power devices with PowerUp advanced battery algorithms. Ensure a reliable and optimized use of your battery-powered equipment.

Battery Analytics

Skipper Solution
Increased reliability

State-of-Health (SOH) accurate diagnosis without service interruption.

Skipper Solution
Optimized lifespan

Optimal battery management law to extend battery life (up to +100%).

Skipper Solution
Predictive maintenance

Predictive replacement alerts before loss of function.

Skipper LIB

Developped for OEM

The Skipper® LIB data library has been designed to optimize battery performance and ensure safety of your next generation of electric equipment. This software solution is embedded into the heart of your system or charging module, without adding any hardware.

  • Preliminary Review
  • Skipper® LIB​ Integration
  • Testing & Validation
  • Industrialization

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