Master and operate sustainably your batteries

The energy transition is accompanied by an exponential increase in battery volumes. PowerUp contributes to the advent of less polluting energies by ensuring a more sustainable, reliable and safe management of battery fleets.



Years of research

PowerUp uses an innovative batterydiagnostic method ,basedon the understanding of batteries ageing mechanisms and resulting from more than 10 years of research at CEA-Liten.



A portfolio of patents that addresses a range of methodologies for diagnosing and predicting batteries state of health and state of safety.

Ageing models

Our models cover all Li-ion chemistries. Enriched by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods, they allow us to ensure a predictive management of your batteries.

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Your batteries no longer hold any secrets for you

We have developed predictive data analytics softwares to ensure the reliability, safety and sustainability of your battery powered systems. PowerUp hence accompanies you for a better monitoring and management of your lithium-ion batteries, whatever their chemistry and reference.


We develop battery predictive analytics solutions to meet the reliability and sustainability challenges of critical electrical infrastructure and systems such as: Energy storage, Electric mobility and Uninterruptible power supply.

These solutions have been designed to integrate and interact with any type of battery powered system. Our experts are at your disposal to answer the specific problems of your activity.

Energy storage

Provide integrators and operators of battery energy storage systems with relevant solutions to optimise their use and make them more reliable, safer and more sustainable.

Electric mobility

Collect and process battery usage data to ensure optimal management and predictive maintenance of electric vehicle fleets.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Supporting critical infrastructure operators in the continuity of service of their electric systems.

Our commitment
to cleaner energy

In the age of energy transition, and with an exponential increase in battery volumes, users are often forced to replace their batteries early, creating both economic and ecological issues.

By implementing its disruptive MAP® technology, PowerUp contributes to making the use of batteries less polluting and allowing a sustainable and reliable management of their fleets.

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From CEA-Liten

Our know-how is based on more than ten years of research by CEA-Liten about the ageing mechanisms of lithium-ion batteries.