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For a more efficient and sustainable electricity network!


The modernisation of electricity networks is more necessary than ever to meet the challenges of the smartgrid as well as the ecological and energy transition of territories. This involves, among other things, the automation of existing infrastructures, which must be increasingly “smart”, more reliable and more autonomous.

A perfect example is the remote-controlled switchgear, which uses a battery to automatically switch from a faulty source to an operational source in the event of an incident on the network.

The batteries on board these units are like “black boxes” that can cease to function at any time and are therefore unreliable for their backup function. Their unpredictability ultimately jeopardises the continuity of the service.

Two objectives: network reliability and performance

It is in this sense that PowerUp has chosen to integrate its MAP® technology in a Smart Management Device : the Skipper® . It allows these installations critical to the activity and security of cities and territories to no longer navigate blindly.

This unit makes these backup applications more reliable by analysing battery operation in detail. The MAP® technology embedded in the heart of the unit enables it to carry out automatic battery health diagnostics (with ±2% accuracy) during use, and to ensure its reliability at all times.

Easier transition from lead to lithium-ion

By placing itself between the battery and the charger, the Skipper® allows a lead-acid battery to be replaced by a lithium-ion battery without changing the existing charging system.

The benefits?

  • A considerable gain in autonomy, of the order of 50% at battery iso-volume;
  • A significant reduction in the weight of the battery for less demanding maintenance, by a factor of 3.5 at battery iso-energy, from 14 kg to 4 kg.

For a sustainable management of infrastructures 

The Skipper® finally acts directly on the battery charge. It can even double the life of emergency batteries by adapting the charge according to the state of health, the environment and the use of the battery.

In short, whether in electricity generation, transmission or distribution, batteries play a major role in the quality and security of electricity supply.

PowerUp’s role is to accompany electricity system operators for a more efficient and sustainable network!

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