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M.A.P.® Technology

A new era in the understanding and management of batteries

MAP Technology


MAP Technology Measure

For a maximized and reliable usage of your batteries

SOH & SOC diagnosis

PowerUp uses innovative State-of-Health (SOH) and State-of-Charge (SOC) battery diagnosis methods, based on a deep understanding of battery ageing mechanisms and resulting from more than 10 years of research at CEA-Liten.

This unique approach generates SOH & SOC indicators with an unrivaled accuracy, and without service interruption.

It helps you prevent battery sudden death and maximize battery availability for the considered usage.

MAP Technology
MAP Technology


MAP Technology ACT

Prevent critical safety issues

SOS, smart alerting system

Our State-of-Safety (SoS) indicator ensures battery safety by identifying early signs leading to battery malfunction and critical failures up to 1 year in advance. This accurate alerting system scrutinizes battery installations down to module level.

It detects BMS failures, anticipates required battery replacement, and prevents irreversible damages such as thermal runaway.

MAP Technology
MAP Technology


MAP Technology Predict

Extend battery usage

Predictive maintenance & second life management

The Remaining Useful Lifetime (RUL) indicator predicts battery ageing degradation according to different usage profiles.

It is provided by a predictive model that processes battery operation data all along its lifetime and enables an optimized maintenance strategy, i.e., avoiding emergency & unplanned costly maintenance operations.

Eventually, when approaching battery end of life, PowerUp delivers a battery health passport for second life.

MAP Technology

Our solutions

Powered by MAP® technology, our solutions have been designed to provide valuable insights to any type of battery powered system.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Battery Insight

Our battery analytics cloud platform processes and generates key actionable insights from your battery data.

Embedded Software

Skipper® LIB

Designed for OEMs, the Skipper® LIB data library upgrades your power devices with PowerUp advanced battery algorithms.

Smart Management Device

Smart Management Device


The Skipper® plug-and-play device enables optimized management and monitoring of your 12V monobloc batteries health and performance.

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