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A new era in the understanding and management of batteries

MAP technology


Battery Management

Monitor the actual State-of-Health (SoH) of your batteries throughout their use

SoH diagnosis at ±2% in use

PowerUp uses innovative SoH diagnostic methods, based on a detailed understanding of battery ageing mechanisms and resulting from more than 10 years of research at CEA-Liten.

In addition, these methods allow the State-of-Safety (SoS) of the batteries to be assessed and thus anticipate possible failures critical to the integrity of the system.

MAP technology
MAP technology


Battery Management

Get the most out of your batteries

+20% to 100% life span

PowerUp has a library of more than 25 Li-ion battery endurance models based on test campaigns of 1 to 2 years, under multiple ageing conditions.

Coupled with field data and machine learning techniques, these models allow the definition of optimal load management laws, taking into account the dynamic usage constraints of each application.

MAP technology
MAP technology


Battery Management

Optimise your battery fleet and control its maintenance

Predictive maintenance & second life management

PowerUp provides its partners with a centralised predictive maintenance tool. Thus, battery operators can access :

  • Real-time SoH and SoS indicators;
  • Remaining Useful Lifetime (RUL) predictions for specific uses.

At the end of the battery first life, PowerUp also delivers a health passport to evaluate the possibility of orienting each battery towards a second life in complete safety, or towards a recycling channel in the opposite case.

MAP technology

Our solutions

Powered by MAP® technology, our solutions have been designed to integrate and interact with any type of battery powered system

Cloud Platform

PowerUp Cloud Platform

The PowerUp Cloud Platform supports you in the collection, processing and interpretation of your battery usage data. Generate value from your field data, for a more reliable, safe and sustainable management of your battery fleets.

Embedded software

Skipper® LIB

The Skipper® LIB data library is the opportunity to benefit locally from M.A.P® know-how for a more reliable and durable control of your batteries. Redefine the possibilities of your electrical systems.

Smart Management Device


The unreliability and unpredictable behaviour of batteries can jeopardise the proper functioning of back-up power systems. The Skipper® allows you to remedy blind navigation by ensuring controlled and optimised management of your batteries.

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